2014One Great Jones Alley

688 Broadway, NoHo NYC

BKSK Architects, George Schieferdecker

Custom designed glaze for vertical terra-cotta facade fins


"I want to reach out and touch this building"

Quote from Landmarks Preservation Commissioner. "New York has a rich architectural terra-cotta heritage. This ceramic can be found on a plethora of historic buildings throughout the city. Of late, terra-cotta has been experiencing e rebirth in contemporary architecture, including that of BKSK, thanks to the material'inheritent properties - specifically its malleability, infinite glazing options, environmental performance, and low toxicity. Here, traditional fabrication techniques merge with cutting-edge digital technology to create a hyper-customized terra-cotta facade." Tod Poisson, Historic Districts Council

This proposed 12-story, in the NoHo Historic District has already been hailed as a modern landmark. Its Broadway facade features an innovative terra-cotta screen facade that honors the rich masonry and cast-iron articulation of its context, yet it is unabashedly modern.

from: '688 Broadway a huge hit with landmarks Commission', Curbed NY, Oct 10 2012


"The artistic sensibility is what Christine brings to the project.

We found a contemporary way by letting the facade express itself as terracotta, with the imperfections as a natural given in the terracotta production process: collaborating with what the production requires, using it for its opportunities rather than restrictions. There are strict parameters and a lot of freedom. We found a way to harness this for the facade.

It has been a fascinating process, working towards something very unique." 

George Schieferdecker, BKSK Architects, partner


This project now enters the mock-up phase

  • R&D

    Studio Christine Jetten

  • 688 Broadway.3th batch 2013 (11).JPG
  • 688 Broadway.3th batch 2013 (19).JPG
  • glaze options

    regular meetings at BKSK's office

  • 1st batch for selection
  • refining the choice
  • 688 Broadway

    location studies

  • P1090408.JPG
  • P1090403.JPG
  • glaze refining

    in collaboration with Boston Valley Terra Cotta

  • 1st run glaze testing BVTC
  • 688 Broadway test
from North - rendering BKSK

from North - rendering BKSK

Across Street - rendering BKSK

Across Street - rendering BKSK

rendering BKSK

rendering BKSK


  • Architizer A+ Awards 2017 special mention