2009Out of Metal - automotive meets architecture

Voestalpine Polynorm invited five artists to design 3D facade cladding while using the companies knowledge, equipment and techniques. They got three days to come up with a design for a new approach, suitable for modern architecture.

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automotive meets architecture

'Out of Metal' - automotive meets architecture. An initiative by Voestalpine Polynorm Bunschoten with the goal to realise unique projects. Designing 3D cladding with artists and designers. An experiment.

In the search for unplanned challenges and new approaches to their production technique, artists and designers were invited to send in applications and ideas for to develop 3D cladding possibilities for modern architecture. Five artists/designers got selected and invited for a 3-days stay to come up with a proposal. From the five design proposals three got selected by a committee and prototyped.

Willem Develing / Gerwin van Rossum


play - think - make - together

  • Inspiration

    The plant, material and production of Voestalpine Polynorm

  • Design Process

    'Metal in Motion' From car industry to facade cladding: filtering sunlight

  • production

    From 2D to 3D, from closed to open, from line to shape


light filter panels

possible uses

possible uses

Renderings by 3D Cladding

Renderings by 3D Cladding

playful shadows

playful shadows


  • Among the winning designs is the one by Studio Christine Jetten