2003Site Specific Work: Insight Out

With my site specific works I invite the public to become participants. One of my aims is to influence their route, to  bring about physical experiences and thereby heighten people’s awareness of the here and now.


Insight Out, Guardianenhof 's-Hertogenbosch

Reality allows more than just one interpretation: looking with different eyes stimulates developing new insight. Insight stimulates imagination.

The Gate.

An opening in the wall devides the space, making a border between one world and another.

A passage way. Passing the gate without knowing up front what is behind that boundary. 

One of the aspects of Christine Jetten's art is the presence of layers in meaning and shape. This  time creating a relation between physical- and mental space.

This site specific work visualizes the dialogue between mind and heart: the unaware is alowed to appear at the surface.


Christine Jetten


The gateway is covered with notes from my studio diary. To withdraw these from the public's eye the gateway is covered with a layer of clay. To distinguish the gateway from it's surroundings it got painted with a bright orange and left to be.

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Over time the orange layer slowly would peel off and fall down. Thus allowing the personal notes to slowly show. Some returned several times to get to read the diary notes.