2000Site Specific Work: The Flying Carpet

'Expanding Boundaries, Exploring Clay' - a work period at Watershed, Maine USA

The Flying Carpet (3).jpg

The Flying Carpet

The core collaboration group (Tunick, Kammerstein, Nadler, Pieree and Jetten) made a really magical work in the woods. It is inside a stand of white pines.

The collaborators brought in three or four hundred of the wet bricks and made a carpet that surrounded a small tree. The carpet ends as the earth drops away into the water. The bricks are alternated in orientation as to create a pleasing pattern and fringed edge. This piece has quickly taken on the nickname of "Magic Carpet" as it looks like the heavy raw brick paving is preparing to take off at any moment.

Forrest Snyder, Critical Ceramics


Because of the rain the bricks stayed wet reflecting its surroundings as a magic touch.