2002Site Specific Work: Blue Madonna

With my site specific works I invite the public to become participants. One of my aims is to influence their route, to  bring about physical experiences and thereby heighten people’s awareness of the here and now. Unexpected experiences that allow them to realize their own presence in space.

Blue Madonna  (6).jpg

Blue Madonna

Courtesoult, a tiny village in France. Each house has an alcove for a stone or timber statue of a saint. Most of them are gone - weathered, stolen, sold to antique shops etc.

Maria was taken out of the alcove and placed on her own stool in the kitchen. My desire became to replace Maria in her alcove. Not the original wooden sculpture but the replica I was going to make of soft clay by copying the original.

I was allowed to make a replica with soft clay . After the clay stiffened. balancing on a stepladder on the hilly street, I put Maria back in place.

Later I decided to cover her with blue paint, to make my replica more of an icon.

Christine Jetten


I asked permission to make a clay print.


I put madonna where she belonged: in the alcove of the house.