2003Site Specific Work: Captured Light

An actual momentum is added to a historic building. The 18th century fort echo's centuries of events. Five artists, each with their own phylosophy and approach add an event to the indoor space.

Captured Light (4).jpg

Captured Light

Fort Wierickerschans, Bodegraven NL A fort with a history, the buildings filled with memories, echoing in the spaces. This historic location is hosting contemporary art projects.

This 18th century shed, with its deteriorated walls, old timber construction and with the absence of daylight because of the blocked windows, inspired me to bring light back into the space.


Christine Jetten


The projection of the windows on the floor, as if the sun was shining, I created from shallow zinc trays and filled these with water to allow the building and its visitors to reflect in the surface.


At several levels the interior of the building became visible, despite the blocked windows.The absence of the windows is now replaced by reflections that show the building, the installations of the other artists and the public moving through space.