2000Site Specific Work: Mexican Rocks

'Expanding Boundaries Exploring Clay'

Watershed New Castle, maine, USA

Mexican Rocks  (1).jpg

Mexican Rocks

Today, part of the group did some work that was more environmental in nature. This new project was a result of Susan and Christine's early morning walks. They had become interested in two boulders on a rocky outcropping on the farm land next door to watershed. Will a daily route be influenced by a change of scenery? The daily route from the house to the studio spaces leads through the fields. Green fields with sheep and rock formations. How are we aware of our view?

The collaboration group with Tunick, Nadler and Jetten has staged some guerilla pieces. They reapplied clay to the farmer's stones and painted one hot pink and the other bright blue.

One of the things that I really noticed from the first pieces was how one really appreciates the subtleties of the natural rocks, the crags and fissures, the varieties of coloration and the lichens on the surface.

Jetten says that the group learned to actualize the idea in order to make decisions and move forward with the project at hand. Just thinking or theorizing about the site and piece just isn't enough.

Forrest Snyder, Critical Ceramics


The selected rocks got packed with clay and painted in bright colors, with the goal to attrack attention.


When the clay dried ot cracked like an egg shell. It took a few days before people became aware of the change of scenery.