2003Site Specific Work: My Paradise

With my site specific works I invite the public to become participants. One of my aims is to influence their route, to bring about physical experiences and thereby heighten people’s awareness of the here and now. Unexpected experiences that allow them to realize their own presence in space.

My Paradise  (1).jpg

My Paradise

Art, cultural history and landscape are connected by art projects in the public space of what is called the green heart of Holland. In this case Art Project 'Het Volkstuinkunstpad', Alphen a/d Rijn NL

The Dutch tend to keep nature under full control, even in aera's where cultivated land is allowed to become 'wilderness' again.  Nature is being conducted by people.

At an individual level and in a smaller scale, this also is the case in allotments: a personal creation.


The definition of Paradise is 'surrounded by walls'. The chaos and the unexpected of nature being kept outside the walls, the oases cherished inside. 

Christine Jetten


I built a small garden house myself that I named 'My Paradise'. The entire season I took pictures of the life in the alloments. 'My Paradise' was being used as a peep-show with each month a new colelction of photo's showing.


'My Paradise' got watched over by the gardeners without I even asked for it. The garden house became part of dog walking routes and jogging routes.