2002Site Specific Work: Traces and Tracks

With my site specific works I invite the public to become participants. One of my aims is to influence their route, to bring about physical experiences and thereby heighten people’s awareness of the here and now. Unexpected experiences that allow them to realize their own presence in space.

Traces and Tracks  (1).jpg

Traces and Tracks

Courtesoult France, a working period with several colleagues from the Netherlands.

The old barn divides the yard into two parts. To get to the studios one walks through the barn. Normally people watch their feet when exploring new territory. This time I wanted to stimulate a new way of orientation.

We tend to walk in a straigt line through the barn, purposeful. This time I made a winding route as if we walked a section of a maze. The route didn't show immediately, it had to be experienced. Orientation was possible at eye level.

Christine Jetten


From the ceiling I hung litthe clay shapes, to crate the path. The floor I dusted with white powder clay. Beforehand I didn't explain what I was doing.


No one cheated. All of us took the time to explore the path. Slowly the traces became visible, over the course of the days.