2001Site Specific Work: Fellow Travellers

With my site specific works I invite the public to become participants. One of my aims is to influence their route, to bring about physical experiences and thereby heighten people’s awareness of the here and now. Unexpected experiences that allow them to realize their own presence in space.

Fellow Travellers  (5).jpg

Fellow Travellers

The location is the garden of abbey 'Passionisten Klooster' in Haastrecht NL. The tiled path from the abbey to the church and back divedes the lawn into two parts, acting like a border. I use the path as the road to cross, to decide whether one wants to go for the experience or not at all.

The route of the labyrint starts at one side of the path. For the path of the labyrint I used the same kind of tiles to make it visually as a whole. The tiles are the stepping stones. While stepping from one tile to the next one finds words in the grass in between the tiles.

From the start the words can be read and together make a text.

On Sundays the inhabitants of Haastrecht walk the path after the Mass in the church, to have a coffee in the abbey.


The labyrint and the text connect the abbey (place for meditation), the abbey garden (place for meditation) and the route from the church to the sunday coffee, inviting the Haastrecht people to take time for extra awareness.

Christine Jetten


The labyrint stayed for 6 months. The lawn had to be mown. The gardener collaborated by not mowing in between the tiles. The shape of the labyrint slowly bacame a grass line.


People, adults and kids, walked the labyrint and returned to feel the changes. When I took the tiles away after 6 months a beautiful pattern was the result. It sowly faded over the months when the grass recovered.