2000Sea View Hospital

Friends of Terra Cotta is very active in getting Sea View Hospital listed as one of the one hundred most endangered sites in the world. 


The landmarked buildings of the Farm Colony - Sea View Hostoric District

The buildings are lined with terra cotta tile friezes, designed by the architect (R. F. Almirall) and executed by Dutch company Joost Thooft & Labouchere, now known as Royal Delft. While visiting Sea View Hospital, Christine Jetten became very concerned about the dangerous deterioration of the buildings, particularly the terra cotta. The site is quite endangered, but not yet beyond restoring.

Christine Jetten, a ceramic artist and historic preservation consultant, researched and developed historical glazes and started to compile a register of commissions in the period between 1895 and 1930, which is how she became aware of the existence of Sea View Hospital. During the conferences of the Ceramic Milleium in Amsterdam she met Susan Tunick, who had come to give a lecture on historical architectural ceramics. They kept in touch and Christine visited this fascinating site in the summer of 2000.



A restoration report got written, with advices of how to approach the restoration of the glazed terra cotta friezes.