2011Texture and Glaze

The idea is to free the glaze from its perception as a simply color applying material.

texture and glaze

Unique visual qualities that cannot be mimicked by stone, glass or any other material.

Looking for to create non-standard products out of personal- and professional curiosity and enthusiasm for new possibilities. I create glazes and textures that are inspired by the potential of ceramic materials.

My goal is to create glazes that will serve as a new vibrant medium for use in contemporary architecture. I often develop a range of glazes based on the architects' needs. When a glaze is chosen, I then provide glaze samples for the bidding process so that the architect can give the manufacturers a very clear idea of what they want.

Besides the above my ongoing research to create new glazecompositions adds unexpected possibilities.

Christine Jetten


Textures create differences in thickness of the glaze layer. The glazes respond to this situation.


The idea is to free the glaze from that of being a simple color coating. A variation of colors caused by the relief of the surface, creating a skin.