2013Brandspuithuisje Rotterdam

These fire engine buildings are part of the cultural inheritage in the Netherlands. The few that still are around are being restored.

Brandspuithuisje Kralingen Rotterdam

Cultural inheritage from 1893

GevelTotaal was commissioned to restore the facade, especially the masonry. The replacing of damaged glazed bricks wasn't included. But not for Richard Franssen, the owner of GevelTotaal.

Richard Fransen (GevelTotaal) loves his work too much to only go half way. When this little gem was planned to being restored he proposed an overall restoration and went searching for someone to help him out with replacing the green glazed bricks.

Christine Jetten


Replacing of the most damaged bricks

  • Matching a historic glaze from 1893

    Recreating the bricks and the glaze

  • brandspuithuisje proces (1).JPG
  • brandspuithuisje proces (2).JPG


Not all of the bricks are planned to replace. the architects goal is to keep the history as much as possible. The new bricks should blend in with the historic ones, to create visually a whole.