2009Huaneng Head Quarters Beijing

Head Quarters Huaneng Group

Changan Avenue Beijing, China.

Kohn Pedersen Fox associations, NY. Architect: Li Lei.

Glaze design interior panels and facade fins.

Consultancy with ceramic manufacturer.

Huaneng.construction (12).JPG

Visual and tactile qualities for the wall and base of the Huaneng building.

"When I started thinking about terracotta for the Huaneng project I was quite ignorant about glazing. I really appreciate your willingness to join the team and to help make the process so much more effective."

"I understand that the sample I choose form your collection was inspired by the dominant yellow and red colors of the Forbidden City in Beijing. It has a beautifully layered quality with the iron-red dots on top, yellow mid-layer and brown background. It's depth of color and texture will generate sophisticated visual and tactile interests for the wall at the base of the Huaneng building, where people can go right up to see it up close and touch it."

Li Lei, KPF New York


During R&D: "We would like to maintain the color depth in the glazing layers and keep the variation quite subtle."

  • Assignment

    A human touch to larger structures and a physical experience where glazed panels are part of the interior cladding

  • rendering KPF
  • Elevator Lobby.rendering KPF.jpg
  • Process

    A glaze showing the terra cotta with a hint of yellow

  • studio sample
  • studio sample

"Congratulations! You have helped to make it succesful again."

Li Lei

"I have collaborated with Christine on two architectural projects in which glazed terracotta play a key role in public areas of the buildings. Her mastering of the alchemy of minerals, the art of composing their color, texture and reflectivity, and the challenging process of pushing the boundaries of industrial production processes, enabled the creation of unique synergistic finishes for each architectural design. "

Li Lei, architect KPF New York


At the opening of the building: The client liked the orange brown glaze, most visitors found it special and even the deputy mayor of Beijing said to the client that he liked it.