200321 Daviesstreet London

One of the projects of which ceramic elements are key to forge a connection with the historic ambience.

Architect: KPF associates London

Client: Capital & City

Davies street London.interior glaze detail bronze (2).JPG

21 Daviesstreet, Mayfair London

The architecture is designed to blend in with the historical context of the Mayfair Area in London.

Set in the heart of the conservation area in central Mayfair, 15-25 daviesStreet is a carefully crafted modern addition to an area with a rich and varied building heritage.

Studio Christine Jetten was invited by the architects to visit mayfair to familiarize herself with the area and to discuss the possibilities of design, clay, glaze, materials and munufacturers in keeping with the ambience of this neighbourhood.


For the interior the architect and I studied tiles used in traditional local interiors, such as Harrod's department store.

The interior, both in the lobby and the hallways, use custom made tile. For identification purposes, the numbers of each floor were incorporated into some of the tiles and inset in various locations in the walls. The customized design and glaze helped turn the hallways into tile murals and added to the building's unique quality.

Alex Smith / Christine Jetten


As none of the traditional examples were suitable I designed a bronze glaze, which became the startingpoint for the caldding of the entrance hall. The tile was designed to give a rich traditional feel.


Based on a traditional- style mansion block the custommade materials give the building a new twist.