2008The Museum of Arts and Design, New York

The premise of this project is the transformation of an existing building, both the physical body and civic memory of the building.

MAD facade

A custom designed glaze for the Museum of Arts and Design

"The building's enrichment will be it's facade of terracotta panels, the texture and the tone to be developed by an artist, in keeping with the museum's craft tradition." The Wall Street Journal, January 7, 2004 The potential of the building will be revealed in bringing new vision and life. The tiles are the key feature of the design. looking for 'life' in the building and in the glaze.

"I am delighted that Two Columbus Circle will be re-born as a museum and distinguished work of architecture that will serve as a demonstration of the vitality of New York and the pivotal role that the arts palyin the economic, social and educational life of the city. " Major Bloomberg


In 2004 it was recommended that the museum's comittee, responsible for the new building,  contacted me when they were looking for an artist to help formulate a glaze.

".... We are glazing the terra cotta and are thinking of a white-ish color that can change subtly from different views and light. The quality we have been discussing is a opalescence, like a luster. We are looking for a master potter level experience with glazes. This is a very exciting project and it seems to fit your experiences." Kyle Lommen, AWA  2004


"When clad in luminous terracotta panels, the building will be at once quiet and alive, neutral and filled with color, changing with the time of day and point of view. To find the right color and texture, Allied Works turned to Dutch ceramic artist Christine Jetten. After many rounds of glaze tests, the next step is to translate the surfaces created in the studio to a comercially produced version. "  American Institute for Architecture, 2005





from various e-mails and publications


through various stages

  • location light and shadow studies

    When and how the facade catches the sun light

  • texture and glaze research

    The samples have an amazing irredescence! Brad Cloepfil, March 2005

  • Lectures, presentations and an exhibition

    to advice the board, to inform citicens

  • the exhibition at the AIA
  • overview of glaze research phase I
  • mock-up

    Collaboration with ceramic manufacturers NBK and Royal Tichelaar and finding the right material combinations

  • Mock-up review
  • Matching glass panels with the glaze

"Everybody loves our ceramic home on Columbus Circle! Congratulations."

David McFadden, Chief Curator MAD

"By the way your tiles on the MAD look great! I like it particularly when the sun hits it and you can see the variation on an angle. It is beautiful. "

Li Lei, architect KPF New York


the new facade gives allure to the site of Columbus Circle - a true collaboration in a meeting of minds and ideas


  • American Institute of Architects, New York Chapter, 2009 Merit Award – Built Project