2007Rotating Bricks I

This innovative approach to brick screens offers the designer-architect a variety of color and texture options. The result of a collaborative research in the European Ceramic WorkCenter with Susan Tunick.

brick screen turning glazuur dec2012 (9).JPG

Rotating Brick Screen

The sensual, textile softness of the screen dissolves into the materiality of the terracotta. The observer is surprised that the soft carpet-look is actually composed of individual hard bricks. This approach involves terracotta in new contemporary schemes and in new interesting ways. This attention to the material can help the appreciation and awareness of this historic material and inspires the re-thinking of the history with terracotta ornamentation that covers new ground.

The design of the bricks allows for maximum air-flow, and their manufacturing process makes these bricks extremely durable and thus suitable for interior as well as exterior uses regardsless of the climate conditions. An immadiate interaction between the building and what is going on in the outside. Suitable for parking garages, building facades, room dividers, screen walls, school walls.

In private situations the owner has the possibility to create favorable playful light and shadow patterns and can also decide how much of the screen to open up and becoming visible and for social contact. To decide how much to open up to the surrounding world.

Susan Tunick/Christine Jetten


"..... they also played with materials and form in the shape of the sunscreen brick, where different shapes can be stacked on a pole and be truned independently at avrious angles to create light and shade effect." Emma Firmin, DAM no11

  • research

    ways of stacking and color studies

  • projection

    changing visual effects