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The materialization principles are experienced by a duality of a pure, modest exterior versus a rich, illuminated mother of pearl interior. Christine Jetten is selected to design the glaze for the tiling and to take part in the design team.

Special areas are  finished with a special designed ceramic tile. The finishing is a custom designed light blue pearlescent glaze. The fields with the glazed tiles serve as a natural wayfinding in certain zones.

The focus is on the public areas of the stations that will influence the passenger experience.

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joining forces in a design team, establishing the operational simultaneity of two creative processes that interact and inter affect one antother. Innovative scenarios of research and follow-up, of analysis and searches for experimentation and solution.

  • search for the glaze

    colour, tonality, reflectiveness

  • Qatar colour studies (1) (Kopie).JPG
  • Qatar colour studies (2) (Kopie).JPG
  • Glaze Design

    flow behaviour while testing relief in the tiling

  • Qatar glaze behavior = floating (6) (Kopie).JPG
  • Qatar glaze behavior = floating (7) (Kopie).JPG
  • mock-up

    presented to client

  • Qatar mock-up I (3) (Kopie).jpg
  • Qatar mock-up I (13) (Kopie).jpg
  • glaze design

    shades of blue- and luster studies

  • Qatar approved samples for vault (1) (Kopie).JPG
  • Qatar Water Wall test 3 (2) (Kopie).JPG
  • material search

    glazed surfaces in relation to stone

  • Qatar choice vaults +stone material - (1) (Kopie).JPG
  • Qatar choice vaults +stone material (8) (Kopie).JPG


Pearlescent vaults are typically placed above escalators, at entry points or along arterial circulatory routes to increase space legibility or signify a change in the area.


  • International Property Awards 2016, Public Service Architecture