2017Rabo Fellenoord Eindhoven

Studio Christine Jetten was assigned to develop a glaze that would respond to the facade materials that already had been decided for. One of the materials responding to light conditions with a colour change.


Rabo Fellenoord juli2017 (7).JPG

Rabo Bank unplugged

The challenge was to get a vivid surface, that moves with the light and to show interesting details when viewed from up close by the users and visitors of the building.

"Not only did Christine manage to develop a glaze finish we hoped to achieve, she also was very educational and introduced me in a clear way into the world of architectural glazes."

Marc Hopperman, design architect

  • Glaze Design

    visualizing the architect's search and refining of the visuals

  • construction

    the facade starts to work

Credit: Pelle Bonink