2018Wasl Tower Dubai, UAE

Christine Jetten teams with the architect to help to convince the client for chosing the terracotta material, as the architect envisions.


One of the world's tallest façades

The Wasl Tower will have one of the world's tallest ceramic façades and will be a regional touchstone for adaptability and sustainability. Clay is chosen as a basic material for the façade fins that will be manufactured as low-tech glazed ceramic elements.

What the architect was looking for turned out not to be available.  He needed to convince his client to accept the design choice for ceramic facade modules. As a result he addressed himself to Christine Jetten to help convince the client and to design a groundbreaking ceramic surface quality.

He gave me a photo as a source of inspiration and refrence: an image of highly polished luxury men's shoes with exactly the look he was looking for. Christine accepted the challenge.

  • UNStudio is looking for a bronze finish

    preliminary studies

  • Dubai. bronze preliminary 2016 (3).JPG
  • Dubai. bronze preliminary 2016 (4).JPG

Fin Color Reference

Fin Color Reference