2016Childs Restaurant Coney Island NY

Opened in 1923, during the height of Coney Island’s popularity as a vacation spot for people to escape the city, the building served as a restaurant until the early 1950s. It was given NYC landmark status in 2002.

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redeveloped into the Seaside Park and Community Art Center

The custom glaze process began with samples of the original terra cotta being removed from the existing building and shipped to Boston Valley. The new Seaside Park and Community Arts Center will feature this completely restored nautical motif; skillfully glazed by hand, giving Poseidon, various historical sailing ships, and sea creatures depth and vibrance. The brightly painted elements almost jump off the blocks, helping to recreate the magical feeling that this building has just risen out of the sea onto the boardwalk.

What originally served as the flagship location for the Childs Restaurant chain has been repurposed several times over the years: it once housed a book warehouse, a roller rink and a candy factory. Today, it’s still noted for its colorful terra-cotta façade and marble columns, which have managed to survive through the years even as other structures in Coney Island have been lost to time. Thanks to the handiwork of the Boston Valley Terra-Cotta Company in Buffalo, New York, the building’s terra-cotta works have now been replicated and replaced. BVTC hired Dutch glaze specialist Christine Jetten to assist in the recreation of the many glaze colors.

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    May 2017


  • TRINITY PROJECT AWARD – RESTORATION, excellence and innovation