2020Harvard Square Theatre

Design Concept: bring activity and interest to Church Street through an iconic and unique design and facade concept.

harvard_CloseUpA (Kopie).jpg

A dynamiq LED-embedded façade

"We are htrilled to bring life back to this building, not just on the inside," said Nathan Wong, project manager for the owner Chan's Kirche LLC, in a statement. "The exterior also will be creative, vibrant and meant to engage the community."

The design aims to be both iconic and unique, but also appropriate in scale and materiality to the surrounding historic buildings and district. The design is employing a light-colored terracotta facade to brighten the street and create a dialogue with the First Parish Church opposite the street from the theatre.

Studio Christine Jetten got invited to custom design a glaze finish for the terracotta facade panels.

Project Description


The project is in the design phase


Renderings by Merge Architects, Boston USA