2008Poptahof Delft gevelornamenten

Façade ornaments giving each house its own identity.

These are being used in different variations for private dwellings for the Poptahof district in Delft NL.

Poptahof Delft mei 2011 (31).JPG

Renovation of Poptahof

Inspired by historic terracotta and -ironwork ornaments I designed new shapes. The hand drawn designs have been geometrically refined at Molenaar & co architects. With the single modules I intuitively explored how loose shapes thread into patterns.

Architect Joris Molenaar was the first architect with the assignment to design a segment for the metamorphoses of this post-war reconstruction of Poptahof Delft. Part of his design for this redevelopment is the application of art at the facades of the dwellings to emphasize individuality.


Christine Jetten


The result is the outcome of the 'Combined Residencies' project at the EKWC in collaboration with Dutch architect Joris Molenaar. Produced at Boston Valley Terra Cotta, USA.


"Meeting ceramicists engaged in the built environment has been particularly interesting and helpful on several levels, to fuel creative interests, and new like minded energies to 'bounce off'." Amy Smith