2008Dodecahedron Sculpture

Combined Residence, European Ceramic Work Center 's-Hertogenbosch, in collaboration with TU Delft, Prof. Dr. Patrick Teuffel and his team.

Dodecahedron Sculpture.jpg

Architectural identity through ornament and relief

The origin of this design lies in a shared focus and passion for adventurous ceramic surfaces: orament and relief for the skin of facades characterized by texture, pattern and color - enhanced by the playfulness of changing light and shadow that excites the eye and offers varied experiences.

While studying the possibilities of 2D and 3D assembly of our designs we stumbled upon a new approach, independent from attachment to facades.

Our dream became the wish to construct a dome-shaped ornament: an ornamental ceramic constellation drawn against the sky that appears to float unsupported. 

We want to realize the study of a three-dimensional ceramic ornament, we started at the EKWC within the scope of teh Combined Residencies. This endevor is one of the steps in a larger project entailing the creation of a three dimensional ornament and the development of facade veils made from 'floating' ceramic structures.

The study has been undertaken with constructive advice from Prof. Dr. Mick Eekhout and related to the research programs at TU Delft with Prof. Dr. Patrick Teuffel and his team.

Joris Molenaar & Christine Jetten


  • EKWC

    preparing for prototyping and presentation

  • Prototyping

    further research and presentation at Dutch Design Week

  • Koepel werksessie M&vW juli 2009 044.jpg
  • Patrick.ax_forces.jpg
  • Production

    at BVTC, USA & lab strength testing